Taiyuan Industrial College: Party history learning education is "palm" into "heart"

Since the development of the party history, in order to achieve the "learning work together, the online line is completed", the Taiyuan Institute of Industry promotes new media integration development, builds the cloud learning position, and promotes the study of party history by shallower, from scattered From the point to the face, by "palm" into "heart". In March 202, the Taiyuan Industrial College created a party history to learn education, and then launched the "Haji + WeChat Video Number + Weibo" New Media Triarror.

All kinds of new media are in the form of video, animation, pictures, etc., through policy propaganda, theoretical interpretation, experts release, teachers and students interaction, etc., theoretical articles, college dynamics, learning results, formed "Listening, Listening, Learning, Making, and Xuan" Party History Learning Education "Cloud" position.

As of November, all kinds of new media accumulated a total of 12.26 million times, more than 10,000 fans, praised more than 230,000 times.

At the same time, the "singing a song to the party" "Party history is reading, wonderful Lianliankan" "Red Story everyone" and other columns, hold "Card Red Shengdi" "Red Classic Thousand People Read" "Red Model Exhibition" and other activities And will be published in the campus broadcast, school newspaper, and party history education briefings, realize the media matrix, and learn from the brain.

The school also focuses on all departments of all departments, forms a news propaganda team, and build a full-scale three-dimensional full media news communication platform, vividly showing the typical case of "I do practical things for the masses", showing new initiatives of high quality development, new Effective, new situation. (Editor: Ma Yong, Zhang Linshan) Share let more people see the recommended reading.