Yulin Yuyang: Building a beautiful rural to help offensive

Strengthening the construction of infrastructure to help build beautiful Ji Town in 2019, and Yugang District is based on the construction of beautiful town towns, and implements the three-year plan for the improvement of the town infrastructure improvement.

Arrange 12 township continuation projects such as Zhenchuan and Balaiquak, and arranged 50 new projects in 16 townships such as Dahe Tower.

At present, the main body of the continued project has been completed, and the new project has completed the progress of more than 90%.

"Last year, Brara Sui Town continued to carry out environmental sanitation and remediation, and invested in the implementation of sewage, water supply pipe network, the street, the street, the road, the road, and further strengthen the construction of infrastructure, so that the people live more Happiness. "Yin Shanfei, secretary of the Party Committee of the Balaqui Town, said. In 2020, the Yugang District continued to promote the construction of the town construction, investing in the implementation of the 8 townships of Hongshi Bridge, Bihe River, Shang Yanwan, etc., completed township and towns and towns such as fish, Zhenchuan. Focus on roots "dirty, chaotic, poor, block", scientifically planned construction of farmland, catering, auto repair, etc., standardize the market. Supporting township waste, sewage treatment station construction short board, new Buraqua, Xiaolu rabbit, Xiaoshan and other nine township sewage treatment stations, do 8 township waste compression stations such as the ancient Tower, fish river, and river The previous period of the project, completed Hongshiqiao, Ma Ji, Qingyun and other townships and towns, and built a group of high standards of beautiful and livable small towns. "We will plan to build a township sewage treatment station in the south of the Nabu Central Kindergarten, and will be 350 households in the town of Xia Ruji Town, and provide sewage treatment of life." Liu Shengxin said.