Wuhu: With the network "charging treasure" technology guarantee 90,000 residents reliable electricity

Wuhu Power Supply Company employees are setting safety warning signs next to the middle-pressed side emergency generators. He Wei, it is reported that the 35 kV whitening change power station is the only power point of Baiji Town. Some equipment in this substation is old, there is a safety hazard, which urgently needs to be transformed.

In order to do a good job in this winter and spring power protection, ensure that the people of the town are warm, the Wuhu Power Supply Company launches the renovation of the station and plans to carry out the transformation work such as an online cable replacement on November 12, and the job will result in the operation. Substation is temporarily powered off.

Since the 10 kV line of the white-ranking power station is too long, the distribution network is not high, and there are 4 lines used in the 10 kV outlets. There is no need to implement, if effective measures are not taken, the substation During the power failure of the whole station, there will be 30,000 households (nearly 90,000 people) in Baizhen Town, Wuhu City, and hundreds of merchants face no electricity.

"In this regard, we actively fulfill the powerfulness of electricity protection, fully use the characteristics of Wuhu Power Supply Company" to fully protect the normal power supply of township people. "Gejinjin, deputy director of the marketing department of Wuhu Power Supply Company.

Ge Jin Jin’s so-called "distribution network charging treasure" series of technology is the characteristics of Wuhu Power Supply Company. Its ideas is to integrate "non-stop operation" "unstopcham operation" "combined ring" "medium pressure emergency generators access" and other technical means, like The "charging treasure" of the mobile phone temporarily powered, allowing the regional distribution network to maintain reliable power supply in emergency, enhance the electricity experience of electricity customers, and optimize the power business environment.

The technology is also one of the construction contents of the "Zero Planning Power Dispenser" Demonstration Zone of Wuhu Power Supply Company.