Three Gorges Non-legacy Tourism Week to protect the Yangtze River Culture

The non-legacy program of local characteristics, the propaganda department of the Point Military Region, the propaganda department is known. It is understood that the Three Gorges Non-legacy travel week is 6 days. During the period, "I went to Yichang to visit the non-legacy" non-legacy tourism market, "non-legacy" The extraordinary Yichang "immersed performance show," long in Yichang "non-legacy story, non-legacy concerts, visitors can visit and experience non-legacy projects, watch non-legacy, listen to non-legacy stories. The day of the "Three Gorges Non-legacy" on the "Three Gorges Non-legacy", the street area is composed of non-legacy street, non-legacy preparation hall, non-legacy theater and commercial age, and concentrate on non-legacy resources in Yichang. And through the scene of the market, tea shop and other scenes, the life scene of the market is reproduced, and the Qingxianjiang terminal culture is restored.

  Luo Chun said that Yichang is actively building the "World Tourist City". In addition to protection, inherit, it will continue to give full play to the market entity, build a number of special cultural districts, scenic spots, rural, B & B and Wen Travel, let tourists are slow in Yichang. Down, stay, stay.