The first trip group debuts to the liberal collegation to add science fiction color through "Sai Bo Space"

"Live Belt" is also the "high-end play" of this year’s first trip group, and there is a difference in that the live broadcast is open, located in the center of the exhibition area, arrange 12 brand enterprises live broadcast, selected Life department store, cosmetics, casual food, import snacks, accommodation products, tourism line products, etc.

In addition, Wangfujing Group, Beijing Global Resort, Quanjue Group, Dong Lingshun Group, Beijing Wildlife Park, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing Wildlife Park, Beijing City Deputy Center, Poverty Alleviation Project Booth, Daxing The district exhibition station debut. Doing seven insisting on promoting business innovation and industry integration development on September 3, 2021 World Tourism City Federation Beijing Xiangshan Tourism Summit and 2021 World Tourism Cooperation and Development Conference was held in Beijing National Convention Center, Deputy Secretary, Director of the Party Committee of the Group General Manager White is invited to attend. This Assembly is an important conference in the global epidemic prevention and control and tourism recovery. The theme of the conference is "revitalizing the world’s tourism communication city development", about 400 people from all over the world, representatives, foreign countries The ambassador to China, the leaders of the international organization, the leaders of the tourism enterprise, and the media representative were attended the event.

Bai Fan published the "new consumption of new spending new standards, the new consumption of new spending," sharing around the macro environment and development trends, characteristic forms and practical direction and the practice of the first trip group "three aspects . Bai Fan pointed out that the current, my country’s economic structure adjustment and consumption transformation is further accelerated, "" New consumption acceleration release, new integration acceleration expansion, new pattern acceleration ", further promoted the development of business innovation and industrial integration, and showed more Strong times, innovative, dynamics and technology.

He said that "The Shougios Group has always adhered to the business philosophy of" consumer value "as the core, actively promoting the management strategy of" adjusting structure, promotion association, pioneering machine ", through the layout of new scenes, strengthening technology, and building industries Clusters, and practical exploration in traditional commercial transformation, old-fashioned in innovation and online online, the development of the contract, continuously optimize the industrial structure, integrate the group’s internal and external resources, seize the opportunity, combine the attack, and promote the development of the industry innovation and industrial integration. " Expanding industrial layouts to help Beijing International Consumer Center City Construction September 5, "2021 Beijing International Consumer Center City Forum" held in the "2021 China International Service Trade Trade" Shougang Field, Bai Fan published "Shougainst Group to help Beijing International The main purpose of the city construction of the consumer center, sharing the first trip group to give full play to the national enterprise mission with the help of development opportunities, and the industrial layout fully supports two aspects of Beijing International Consumer Center City Construction. He said that Beijing as one of the five cities that took the lead in the construction of international consumer center cities, Beijing has brought major historical development opportunities for the Supreme Group.

As a leader in the tourism commerce service industry, the First Tourism Group also assumes an important mission of the industrial agglomeration and transformation and upgrading of the capital travel business service industry. During the new era, the first trip group was committed to building the "5 + 1 + 1" industrial pattern, promoted the "50" strategic business unit to promote growth, construction, and promoted "business". The strategic business unit has created earnings, raised profits, promoted the "accommodation" strategic business unit rising quality, grasping the scale, promoting the "food" strategic business unit to grasp the brand, improve the benefits, promote the healthy development of "travel" strategic business unit, and choose the machine The content "and" Services "strategic business units have led to the development of the entire industry chain of Beijing tourism commerce service industry, helping Beijing International Consumer Center City Construction. The deputy center of the deep-cultivation city assisted the high-quality development of the literature, on September 6, Bai Fan attended the 2021 China International Service Trade Fair Beijing City Deputy Center Promotion Promotion. Bai Fan published the charites of "Deep Tillage Deputy Center to help" high quality development ", and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Tongzhou District Government. Bai Fan said that the Shouguan Group takes the new starting point of the group "Secondary entrepreneurial" in the city, with the development engine of Beijing Global Resort, play the resource aggregation capacity and industrial synergy, and strive to build a city deputy center industry. Development project; Resource imports, actively promote the depth development of consumption chain and industrial chain, to help urban center to become Beijing deepening service industry, expand important international window and industrial aggregation areas in the field of opening.

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