Why is this resource-depletion city?

[] Recently, Liaoning Province 2021 new innovative subject identification results were released, and the US-navigatory pharmaceutical industry in Panjin High-tech Zone, cross-catch, Guangrida Electric, and Runhua Heat Cannibly approved "瞪 企业业".

Panjin City, located in the Bohai Sea is the place where the Liaohe Oilfield Headquarters is the important oil and petrochemical industrial base in my country. The oil is built, due to oil, as well as the way resources are increasingly exhausted.

In 2008, Panjin was listed as the first batch of resource depleted cities in my country.

This industrial structure has been singlely rough oil city. In recent years, it has brought a group of high-tech enterprises in recent years, and cultivated a group of high-tech enterprises. The road to high quality development is getting wider.

  "Golden Seed" has sent a bud in the Panjin Red Beach, covering an area of ??77 acres, which is a bit crowded in China Blue Electronics Industry Park. This is "blaming" in Liaoning Zhonglai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Medium Blue Electronics) this Enterprises grow too fast. Into the production workshop of Liaoning Medium Blue Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and the automatic production line is taken out. "The company mainly develops two core components of mobile phone cameras – motors and lenses.

In 2020, China Blue Electronic Motor Product Shipment is column first, the world’s fourth, global market share; lens product global shipments ranked sixth, global market share.

"Chen Jun, vice president of China Blue Electronics Administration.

  Medium Blue Electronics is a high-tech enterprise that Panjin’s local cultivation. In 2015, Panjin High-tech Zone and Medium Blue Electronics Explore jointly founded the construction of electronic industrial parks and put into use. "Under the driving of China Blue Electronics, upstream enterprises come, quickly gather, the park is close to saturation.

Liu Wei, Second-level Constitution of Panjin High-New District Management Committee, said. At present, China Blue Electronics has established and maintain long-term cooperative relations with China’s mobile phone brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, glory, OPPO.

In June this year, Zhonglan Electronics and the well-known optical lens enterprise Kangda Precision Technology Co., Ltd. not only enhanced the company’s technological innovation ability, but also made up for the short board after my country’s optical industry, solving the "card neck" problem of the lens patent. The rapid development of Medium Blue Electrons is a microcosm of Panjin to cultivate an emerging technology industry.

Panjin realized that the emerging technology industry is the direction of the future economic development, developing high-tech companies, not "don’t want", but "fast and slow", who starts early, who can win the opportunity.

  Liu Wei said that the park has implemented "Science and Technology SMEs – High-tech Enterprises – Eagle Enterprise – Gazelle Direct" Technology Corporate Gradient Cultivation Project, establish a dynamic management resource library of technology-based enterprises, regular screening Initially cultivated in the library, providing market docking, financial services, achievements transformation and other comprehensive professional support.

  The traditional advantage industry has a new branch underground millet, and the drill can achieve precision winding in the oil and gas layer! At Liaoning Tianyi Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiang Qingyu, general manager of the company, showed the reporter’s rotation-directed drilling system developed by the company. "Rotary Guide Drilling System is hailed as ‘oil drilling underground robot’.

Through the system, it is possible to rotate on the ground side of kilometers, and the trajectory of the drill bit is controlled, allowing the drill to move forward. "Wang Bin, chairman of the company, told reporters that this technology has been a" card neck "project that restricts domestic horizontal wells into speed. In order to develop this system, the company spent 10 years, 200 million yuan," the most difficult time Even the wages can not be sent.

But it is more difficult to stick to people.

"At present, Liaoning Tianyi Industrial Co., Ltd. has jointly established research units such as Xi’an Petroleum University, Nanjing University of Technology, Shenyang University of Technology to jointly carry out key technologies such as intelligent drilling systems, high-end oil and equipment.

At the same time, the company also establishes partnerships with foreign companies such as Hulu, France Dadal, and the products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

  Resource-based cities generally have high resource-dependent, with natural resources enter the recession, the city is generally challenging in industrial structure, economic development, environmental protection.

How to make the disadvantage become an advantage, how to do life to make the amount, attract increment, and achieve the upgrade of traditional industries, create a continuous industry, and Panjin has effectively explored. Taiching, Standing Committee of Panjin Municipal Committee, Daming Committee, said that in the process of transition and upgrading, Panjin City adheres to the "high-endization, service, and international" development path of traditional advantageous industries, and guides enterprises to provide high-end services to the global market. "High-end manufacturing + high-end service" linkage development industrial pattern. From simple oil production, refining to petrochemical, and even petroleum equipment, service extension, now, the development of Panjin Industry in the transformation presents vigorous situation. In Panjin High-tech Zone, Xinke Petroleum’s "Automatic Smart Tube Cleaning Envelopes" project has applied for 4 invention patents, 7 utility models; Ruibang oil and Huawei cooperates to develop high data analysis and edge computing ability. Mobile intelligence The oil production data processing system; the "Cyclo-based" project-based "high-end lubrication oil" project developed by Lanhua, Zhilan, Zhizhi, has achieved high-end oil products … Currently, Panjin High-speed district aggregation equipment manufacturing and Nearly 100 oilfield engineering technology service industry, nearby, with the most complete oil and equipment manufacturing, service industry chain, product and service in the country, has covered the main production area of ??the United States, Canada, the Middle East, Russia and other world oil and gas. The "New Answer" "new answer" should be used as a resource-depletion city, how to build its own advantages in talents and industries? Around the company’s investment, settlement, lead, service all-chain, Panjin played a set of innovative "combination fists" to optimize business environments.

  "Enterprises have come to Panjin High-tech Zone, all aspects have been handled by the administrative examination and approval of High-tech Zone. They used one and a half months to finish all procedures.

"It is mentioned that the head of the Panjin High-tech Zone" service, the leader of the Liaohe Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

  Panjin High-tech Zone implements the "Management Committee + Company" model, increase investment promotion, project construction, service enterprise work, continuously promoting government service system reform, enhances standard management capabilities, implementing full process services, is striving to build "zero approval" Park.

High quality and efficient services in high-tech zones attract "Jinfeng Phoenix" to come.

  Songshan Lake Material Lab is one of the first provincial laboratories in Guangdong Province, and its subordinate advanced ceramics and composite research institutes have strong technical force in composite research. Liu Wei said that Panjin City as a world-class petrochemical and fine chemical industry base, Dongguan Advanced Ceramics and Composite Materials Research Institute and local petrochemical enterprises have broad prospects.

To this end, the investment team in Panjin High-tech Zone has repeatedly communicated from Dongguan and Research Institute.

  In the end, both parties agreed that will build a transformation platform that undertakes Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, solves the "Double Control" and "Double Control" and "Cards" of the Restriction Park Industrial Development and "Cards" and Help Industrial Technology Innovation Ability.

The Advanced Ceramics and Composite Materials Institute of Dongguan will ensure that its scientific and technological achievements are prioritized to set up a panchow and achieve industrialization.

In order to solve the worries of the research institute in Panjin, high-tech zones provide a subsidy for scientific research funds per year. Free 10,000 square meters of research and development office, not less than 50,000 square meters in 5 years. , And free talent apartment.

Finally, the two sides will win.

  Recently, the team of experts in the Research Institute will enter the high-tech zone. After entering the "porous medium combustion technology in oil, petrochemical industrial decontamination and carbon application" and "special professional lighting applications for laser-level optical materials" in Panjin Transforming landing. There are also Tianjin Keki Technology Co., Ltd. also served as the discouraged service. Key Kai Technology is originally in Panjin’s site because of policy reasons to meet corporate production needs, in order to keep enterprises, Panjin High-tech Zone is actively in compliance with policies to help companies replace land.

Key Kai Technology is officially started in May this year, and it is expected that you can test production in the second half of next year. "The business environment is good, and the company has said. As long as the business has a need, we will do everything possible to do it in his own time. Establish your own reputation, not only let the company come, but also through large business investment, let the company help us Merchants. "Guan Dameing said. How to make talents come, stay? In recent years, Panjin high-tech district has put talent work in high-quality development, overturbed the introduction of talents, cultivates, retains, and uses the work of "Some Policies on Accelerating the Science and Technology Innovation" "" Panjin High-tech Area Talent Collection Several policies, such as policies, high-level talents, and team constantly agglomerate.

In 2019, Panjin Gaoxin District was approved in the pilot project of Liaoning Province Talent Management Reform.

At present, the high-level talents above the high-tech zone have accumulated 32 people, and the innovative entrepreneurial team has accumulated 52. The 10 companies in the park were selected as the Patulatics of the Ph.D. in Tsinghua University.

  "With talent, there is hope!" Guan Dameing said that Panjin City adheres to the development of innovation and transformation, struggling to build Liaoning’s comprehensive revitalization of all-round Zhenxing District. To this goal, Panjin High-tech Area will do the old name, original brand, and new brand "three big articles", and vigorously hatch the small and medium-sized technology enterprises, the introduction of new materials, new pharmaceuticals, new energy industries, and focus on building digital parks. Smart park, green park.