ST Kangmei: Clearing 2459 million to investors by cash, debt stockings, etc.

  China New Jingwei November 12th, 12th, * ST Kangmei (Kangmei Pharmaceutical) released an announcement on the progress of the investor civil litigation claim, Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court Infringement compensation securities investors lose billion yuan.

  The announcement shows that on December 31, 2020, the Kangmei Pharmaceutical received the "Notice" from the Guangzhou Institute of China. Gu Mou, Liu Moumou and other natural people, the company’s securities false statement, the company’s securities false statement, Predictive in Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court.

On April 8, 2021, the Secondary and Medium Investor Service Center Co., Ltd., China’s Second Investor Service Center, said that the special authorization of 56 rights holders such as Huang Meiquan and applied to the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court as a representative of lawsuits.

After designation of the Supreme People’s Court, Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court applies to the Special Representative Procedure, which publicly opened the trial of the national first Securities collective lawsuit.

  On November 12, 2021, Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Kangmei Pharmaceutical to the plaintiff Gu Huajun, Huang Meiquan, etc. 5,2037 investors, etc. The 13 individuals of the company’s direct supervisors undertake 20%, 10%, 5% of the band-paid liability, respectively, and the time audit institutions, the Guangdong Zhengzhong Zhujiang Certified Firm (Special Ordinary Partnership) and the Signing Accountant of the Annual Report Audit Project. Clearing responsibility.

  The Kangmei Pharmaceutical said that the company was tried to accept the reforming of the Intermediate People’s Court of Jieyang City on June 4, 2021.

On July 22, 2021, the Secondary and Medium Investor Service Center Co., Ltd. declared claims as a special representative of collective litigation. This case will have a negative impact on the company’s operation and net profit.

  Kangmei Pharmaceuticals, this case judgment involves the loss of investors needed by the company. The company will be based on the progress of the bankruptcy reorganization work, according to the debt repayment program in the "reorganization plan" approved by Jieyang Intermediate People’s Court, pass Cash, debt stockings, etc., unified implementation, and fully consider the benefits of protecting small and medium investors.

According to the judgment, 21 of the defendants who committed the joint compensation responsibility in the Zhuang Yiqing, Wen Shaoheng, Ma Huanzhou, Guangdong Zhengzhong Zhujiang Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership), Yang Wenwei, etc. On the evening of the 12th, the person in charge of the relevant departments of the SFC made a judgment on the Special Representative of the Kangmei Pharmaceutical, and the relevant parties resolutely implemented the spirit and requirements of the Party Central Committee for the "zero-capacity" of the criminal behavior of the capital market. The means and constructs the responsibility system of civil, administration, and criminal stereochemical, so that the actual manipulation of the Kangmei Pharmaceutical case is actually manipulating the market for the evil, achieving the goal of "punish evil". (China New Jingwei APP) (Editor: Fu Jianqing) All rights copyright in China, without written authorization, any unit and individual must not reprint, and extracted in other ways.

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