Take the "ten big things" to promote the landing of Suining blueprints

In order to promote the specific landing of the blueprint, it is necessary to do the ’10 big things in the business field of’ 14th Fiveth ‘.

In order to promote the specific landing of the blueprint, it is necessary to do the ’10 big things in the business field of’ 14th Fiveth ‘. First, promote the high quality development of the service industry.

Implement the high-quality development of the service industry, accelerate the construction of "4 + 6" modern service industry industry system. By 2025, the added value of the service industry reached 86 billion yuan, the added value is more than 43%, more than 59%, and more than 59%, the overall strength and competitiveness of the service industry in the city. The second is to build a professional park in service industry. Actively cultivate logistics, e-commerce, financial, scientific, cultural, human resources, etc. By 2025, 10 service industry professional parks were built.

The third is to build a national logistics hub in Suiningland Hong Kong.

Actively promote a number of major logistics project construction, promote the normalization operation of Suining Lu Haixin channel, and built the core area of ??the hub in Suining Railway Port.

By 2025, the container throughput reached 80,000 tanks, and the cargo throughput of the railway class reached 5 million tons, and the number of shifts reached 300 columns.

The fourth is to create a regional consumer center city in the province.

Create 3 provincial-level modern service industry development gathering areas such as central business district, central business district, and Hedong trade, accelerate the fireworks, Jinkeren River Township, Sichuan-Chongqing Food Street, and live in peacetime , Improve 15 night economic vitalities such as Hong Kong, Dongjiaxiang and other 15 nights, and promote the upgrade of Suining consumption.

The fifth is to promote the construction of cooperation in the Sichuan self-trade test area. Actively integrated into China (Sichuan) Free Trade Test Area and Sichuan Shishiber Test Area Collaborative Open Demonstration Zone, focusing on industries such as electronic information, equipment manufacturing, advanced materials, digital economy, trade logistics, and speeding up open space, open channels and Open kinetic energy, take the lead in copying the promotion reform experience, and strive to undertake more provincial administrative power issues, strive to build a deep-class, wide area open cooperation system through 3-5 years, and build a business environment, investment trade Conveniently, the integrated self-competitive self-trade test area collaborates to reform the first line, the demonstration area.

Sixth is to promote the construction of national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base (electronic information).

Enlinence the advantages of Kawan Industry Cluster, promote the construction of foreign-oriented professional parks such as TC and Konka, and focus on building an important high-end electronic information industry base in the western part.

Taking Suining Economic Development Zone National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Base (Electronic Information) as the leader, build a industrial cluster of upstream and downstream support capacity, and promote the development of foreign trade in the city steadily expanded, and the export structure is continuously optimized. Seven is to promote the construction of bonded logistics centers (B).

Construction with the branching logistics center (B) of 20,000 square meters bonded storage area, supplemented the development of China’s open platform short board, promoting the development of new trade in cross-border e-commerce, further optimizing Suining foreign trade and open investment environment Enhance the industrial attraction and promote the transfer of industrial transfer. Eight is to promote the development of chain operations. Further improve the support of the chain management policy, encourage large-scale enterprises such as the trade, catering and other trade, catering and other industries such as Wutang, Tao De Sand, and build the development of the foreign cooperation; help the enterprise expand the market, encourage local enterprises through the development of chain business models "Going out of Suining"; guiding chain companies to strengthen "integrity" construction and brand creation, enhance corporate service quality and market influence.

Nine is to create a national backbone cold chain logistics base. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, 25 of the national backbone cold chain logistics base, newly built Zhen Chic Chuimeimei and other cold chain projects, of which 20,000 tons were five cold chain projects.

Change the expansion of large and medium-sized refrigerator, freezing projects, and related sorting, distribution processing and other supporting construction and cold storage intelligent transformation. New and redevelopment of a set of infrastructure and other supporting infrastructure and other supporting infrastructure and other supporting infrastructure in the cold-chain logistics base.

Ten is the construction of national e-commerce into the rural demonstration base (city, county).

3-5 national e-commerce into the rural demonstration city (county, district), etc. Focus on building e-commerce industrial parks and construction e-commerce and rural commerce circulation fusion, agricultural products entering the city and industrial products to the countryside, rural logistics sharing distribution system, key rural nodes trade and flow facilities, new business new concept training, etc.