Work hard is the most beautiful posture (commentator observation)

  China Sports University is fully focused on every process of the game, promoting excellence, friendship, respectful Olympic values, showing China’s good image to the world is the most beautiful, beyond self is the best.

At the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chinese players are tenacious attack: men’s 100-meter semi-finals, China Olympic athletes Su Bingti breaks the Asian record with 9 seconds 83; women’s ten-meter air gun final, "Focus on doing self" "post" Yang Qian Abstract the first gold; the weightlifting of the men’s 67kg finals, "even after the backward, the Jedi counterattack", the soul of the gods reversal; Taekwondo women’s 49kg class 1/4 final, four war Olympics, 34-year-old Wu Jingyu regret stop, " When I stood in the game, I had won "" Although the Chinese women’s volleyball team is no longer, it is necessary for every minute, "there is no winner," there is no giving abandoned "… for the Olympics In the athletes, winning wonderful, fighting tough, improving the "gold content" of sports, inspiring the essence of essence.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "The results are not only how many medals can be got or have to reflect the spirit of the Olympics, self-improvement, defeating themselves, and beyue yourself.

"The most valuable thing is not to overcome others, but surpass yourself, it is never losing, insisting on the essence of the spirit.

4 times, the Olympic Gong Li, finally in the end of the death of the lead ball project, the dream Olympic champion; women’s 4 × 100m freestyle relay finals, the Chinese team received the seventh place, no medals, but refreshed the Asian record, " Beyond self, it is more surpassing all Asia; Hou Zhihui, the weightlifter Hou Zhihui is pulling the waist before the game, because the will is tenacious to challenge the limit, "a fight" … Chinese sports athletes are in the game, fully focus on the game Process, promotion of excellence, friendship, respectful Olympic values, interpret "faster, higher, stronger – more united", showing China’s good image to the world. Sports are strong, China is strong, and the national transport is full of life. As an important indicator of social development and human progress, sports is an important manifestation of comprehensive national strength and social civilization.

More than 100 years ago, Zhang Bo was "Olympics three questions", after this later, the total number of gold medals in the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the total number of gold medals in the Sydney Olympic Games ranked third, Beijing held "unparalleled Olympics", Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, winter disabled The Olympics is less than 200 days from the opening of the opening … Sports, the dream is close to the Chinese dream, showing the spiritual quality of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation.

Today, when people compare Liu Changchun and Su Bingtian, from the Olympic Baiyi competition, 1932 to 2021, the 89-year time leapped, witnessed the hardship history of China’s construction of sports strong country, and reflected a nation from suffering from suffering to the brilliant history. Also taking the glory and dream of the Chinese.

  Struggle creates history, hard work.

Sports can improve the quality and health level of the people, and promote the comprehensive development of people, and can incentrate the people of all ethnic groups to promote the pursuit of excellence and break through their self.

At present, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered the historical process of irreversible, we embarked on the new test of the second hundred years of struggle.

Create a new glory on the new journey, need strong will, unyielding tenac, spiritual power. The Olympic time is coming soon, but there is no end of hard work. This Olympics, people remember the national anthem rang in the sports venue, rising the national flag, and remembered that the sports athletes challenge the limit when challenge the limits and shout.

These figures, movements and sounds have become a group of collective memories, incentive, leading the later people.

Let us continue to run, bother, and confident, win the future with sincerity. (Editor: Yuan Bo, Niu Wei) Sharing let more people see.