The first batch of revolutionary old districts, kindergartens, joint activities ended in Beijing

Recently, the first batch of revolutionary old districts, the first batch of revolutionary old districts in the theme of "Blue Sky Buildings Future", ended successfully in Beijing.

The 30 kindergarten gardens of Yan’an from the revolutionary old district, conducted a five-week observation station in the five blue sky kindergartens in Beijing, and successfully held the "Flower New Times, Blue Sky Buildings Future" Theme Symposium, Exchange Office Thought , Talk about early childhood education.

The event is that the Air Force resolutely implements the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and Xi Chairman’s major decision-making deployment of the military participation in winning the poverty and striving to win the energetic, and give full play to the advantage of the Air Force’s "Blue Sky". The promotion of the early childhood education work is rapidly developing, promoting precision poverty alleviation. The work is deep and practical. It is reported that the observation of the empirion, the experience of watching, watching the study, the practice, communication experience, etc. The development needs of children and the cultivation and promotion of the cultural cultivation of the children will start with five topics such as the creation and promotion of the culturality of the next park. Solution, really help. Do a good job in preschool education, youth teachers are key.

It is understood that the leader of participating in the event is that most of the youth excellent teachers have just selected two levels of Yan’an City, with an average age 33. In response to the age, education characteristics of the revolutionary old district, the Air Force Blue Sky Kindergarten At the beginning of the design of the construction activities, he pays attention to the leading youth teachers from our mind, condense young teachers from the feelings, combined with personal career planning, and guide youth to love the child love Help youth to improve teaching literacy. With post practice, Yang Ji, Chang Yang Jimei, the ninth kindergarten garden garden in Yan’an City, left a deep impression.

Yang Jimei is a member of the first group, and the teachers of the Air Force directly under the Kindergarten of the Air Force. I have learned together for 5 days, and I learned. The double identity of the viewer and participants make Yang Jimi intuitively felt the gap between themselves and the blue sky: "Their young teachers and our age are young, but their professional dedication and learning innovation, too worth learning .

"" I feel the long connotation of the blue sky brand, I am moving the professionalism of the blue sky spirit, thank the blue sky people’s enthusiasm. " "At the symposium after the observation of the station, Yan’an’s leader representative revolves around the residential experience, exchange learning experience and obsession. Many gardens talk about the air, the blue sky kindergarten", "to learn to study The development situation of the promotion and the brand culture of "garden characteristics, garden boutique", let them benefit from a lot, harvest full.

The person in charge of the Air Force Blue Sky Preschool, said that the Blue Sky brand has to contribute to the contribution of the revolutionary old district. It is necessary to contribute to the national education development. He is concentric with the pre-revolutionary educational education workers. . In the future, this event will be organized. The Air Force Blue Sky Kindergarten will train 30 kinds of kindergarten management cadres in Yan’an City. Every semester arranges experts to travel to Yan’an City, organize teachers and students to go to Yan’an to carry out revolutionary traditional education, and 5 serving in Beijing will also The Normalization of Normalization "One-on-One" in Qi’an City Kindergarten. (Li Jingjing) (Editor: Cheng Hongyi, Liu Lili).