The Secretary of the Former Party Group, the Secretary of the Five Court of Chongqing Procuratorate, and the Procurator-General, Ge Edushen, was expelled from the party.

According to the NAST, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission News: Recently, the Chongqing Municipal Committee was approved by the Chongqing Municipal Committee, the Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission’s original party secretary and prosecutor, the prosecutor, the investigation and investigation of the laws and discipline issues.

After investigation, Gemeus Lin lost ideals and beliefs, abandoning the mission of the initial heart, no political rules, abuse of the procuratorate, fighting the organization, participating in superstition activities; violating the central provisions of the Central provisions, violation of the gift; in cadres, promotion work for others Consult the interests and receive property; violation of the prohibited regulations; treat the masses simple and rude, causing adverse effects; illegal intervention judges; moral bottom lines, life corruption; long-term participation in gambling activities; economical greeddy activities, utilization Convenience or authority, the convenience of the status is formed in medical equipment procurement, construction project contracting, judicial case, etc., is illegally accepting huge property; using the power before retirement, the convenience of the status, through other The actions of national staff are unfair interests for others, and illegally accept belongings; abuse their powers, violating the rules of procedure to determine significant matters, causing bad social impact; 徇 徇 法 法Cause serious consequences.

Gemeus Lin seriously violates the party’s political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, people discipline, work discipline, and life discipline, and constitutes a serious position illegal and suspected of accepting bribes, using influence to accept bribes, abuse of power, and defense, it is the party’s 18th National Congress. It doesn’t converge, the problem is not concluded, the people reflect the intense, political issues and economic problems, typical, poor nature, serious circumstances, should be seriously processed.

According to the "People’s Republic of China Disciplinary Ordinance", "People’s Republic of China Supervision Law" and other relevant provisions, the Ministry of Public Procurement of the People’s Republic of China, the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and reported to the municipal party committee approval, decided to give Ge Forest to the party, Cancelled its retirement according to the regulations; collect violations of violations; transfer their suspected criminal issues to prosecute and prosecute according to law, and the property is transferred. Gemeus Lin Resume Forest, Male, Tujia, Born in October 1957, Chongqing Qijiang, Municipal Party School undergraduate degree, first-level senior prosecutor, in February 1976, June 1977, joined the Communist Party of China.

– Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s fifty military artillery team served, served as a long, long, and the deputy planning of the Sichuan Province – Sichuan Province, Qijiang Tujia Miao Autonomous County Court, once served as Virgin, Faculty (herein: – College of Legal Professional College, Sichuan Provincial Political and Legal and Cadres, Sichuan Province Chang – Chongqing Lijiang District Procuratorate Party Secretary, Prosecutor’s Correspondence Based on the Legal Professional Correspondence of Chongqing Municipal Party Schools) – The Secretary of the Party Secretary and Prosecutor, the Secretary of the 4th Admission of Chongqing, the Secretary of the Fifth Branch of Chongqing Procuratorate, the Secretary (Determination Level 1 Advanced Prosecutor) Retired (Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection).