Voice Response Sanqiao Street Multi-Road Station No Rain Janda New City Management Committee: Due to hardening conditions, Xixian New District Street – Rolling News

[Abstract] On November 3, there is a public reported 24-hour news hotline 029-88880000, which is called the Xixian New District, and the bus stop of the Auntie Road and the Yidong Avenue of the Sanqiao Street. There is no electronic screen, I don’t know when? On November 3, there is a public to report the 24-hour news hotline 029-88880000, saying that there is no loaf of the bus stop of the Sanqiao Street, Xixian New District, Afu Road, and the Yidong Avenue, and there is no electronic. Screen, I don’t know when? Subsequently, Huashang reported to the Xixian New District of the Jidong New Town Management Committee. Received reply, surveasing, Ashi, Sanqiao Street, Xindong New Town, Afu South Road, and the bus facilities of the Yandong Avenue thermal power plant were judged by Xixian Bus. After receiving public opinion, the staff of the Xincheng City Management and the Transportation Bureau of the Dynasties and the Western Bus staff have learned that the current hardening conditions of the bus stop in the Auntie Road, Ashu South Road and the Power Plant of the Yidong Avenue are not enough. The installation work, its hardified size standard specification is not less than (width × 12m long, does not include the width), and after the station is retrofitted, the platform will be retrofitted.

The computer screen belongs to the smart station. It needs access to the special electric party. The above site does not support the introduction of special electricity, so there is no intelligent station mounting plan. Hua Shangxin reporter Yang Ping Source: Hua Shang.com – China Business News.